Dream Starters

Childhood friends Susan Claes and Julie Janssens shared a dream of starting their own business and a passion… /

Of Dragons and Water

Editor’s note: Our recent Community Day efforts focused largely on “creative re-use” – finding new ways to use… /

Our Top 10 Photos from Community Day

Around the world, Levi Strauss & Co. employees gave back to their communities in May. It’s all part… / / /

Go Forth. Go Niners.

Now, it’s official. The new home of the San Francisco 49ers will be Levi’s® Stadium. The Santa Clara… /

Hop On…and Head to Work

Today is Bike to Work Day, San Francisco’s biggest bicycle day of the year! It’s a day for… / /

Giving Back, Like Levi Did

It was the beginning of a very long tradition of giving back. In 1854, Levi Strauss, who was… / /

Red Ribbons of Hope

Last year, while undergoing routine medical tests prior to breast cancer surgery, Mrs. Zeng found out that she… / /

Tapping Potential for Community Prosperity

Five years ago, Veronica was living in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood and dreamed of owning a restaurant to… / /


“I’m thankful that I found Mercado Global and can provide a better life for my family.” That’s what…

Breaking the Silence

In order to help end HIV/AIDS among women, we also have to break the silence about violence against… / /