Levi’s® Launches New Anthemic Ad Campaign

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 3, 2019

The Levi’s® brand is leaning in on its long history of celebrating the power of authentic self-expression and championing ideals of equality, inclusiveness and progress through its seventh ad installment of its “Live In Levi’s®” campaign.

The “Live In Levi’s®” platform is a celebration of all the ways that people wear Levi’s® and all the people that live their lives in Levi’s® around the world.

The new ad, called “Use Your Voice,” illustrates how a wide range of voices, in both big and small settings, can inspire and effect change in individuals and communities around the world. Each vignette celebrates authentic, youthful voices in a manner that’s inspiring — no matter what the viewer’s age, country of origin, or politics. “Use Your Voice” is a reminder that we all have an inner power that can spark change. And Levi’s has always supported those who use authentic self- expression to positively affect the world.

“We feel we have an obligation to speak out and help drive positive change, because that’s what we’ve done throughout our history,” says Jen Sey, Chief Marketing Officer. “We aren’t afraid to take on tough issues, to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. We’ve taken a stand on gun violence prevention in the U.S., supported refugees in Europe, and advocated for LGBTQ+ equality. As a brand we celebrate authentic self-expression and try to embody that ourselves as an organization.”

The spot was created in partnership with FCB, directed by female Irish film director, screenwriter, and cinematographer, Aoife McArdle, and set against Jordan Mackampa’s soulful and inspiring, “Battlecry.” The new ad spot is now playing in select U.S. movie theaters and across Europe with a bigger rollout planned for this fall.