John Wang, LS&Co. vice president of Global Business Development and Licensing, stands on a hiking trail in front of a rocky mountainside.


John Wang Joins Aspen Institute First Movers Fellows Program

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 7, 2024

John Wang, Levi Strauss & Co.’s vice president of Global Business Development and Licensing, has held a variety of roles throughout his 18-year tenure at the company, including working across strategy, operations and global licensing.

“I have found that, as a curious individual, the company has given me a lot of opportunities to jump from one department to another,” said John. “Through multiple roles and years of change, I have witnessed how our purpose and vision have stayed consistent.”

Now, he’s bringing that experience and dedication to purpose to his latest role: Aspen First Mover Fellow.

John has been selected to join the 16th class of Aspen First Movers Fellows in recognition of his contributions and expertise. Since 2009, the First Movers Fellowship has helped nearly 300 corporate social entrepreneurs lead change within their companies and industry. Bringing together professional innovators from around the globe to harness the power of business to improve society, this year’s program consists of 20 leaders from various industries who are seeking to bring purpose into the work they do every day.

As a fellow, John will work to build a platform and coalition, alongside other licensing partners, to help drive LS&Co.’s licensing partners in the direction of our common purpose-based goals. Specifically, he will focus on driving progress toward sustainability goals that affect the communities where LS&Co. and our partners operate throughout our global value chain.

“Right now, we guide our partners on practices they should have in place, but they largely implement these practices on their own,” said John. “This project will help build a framework that, in tandem with our sustainability partners, will help our licensing partners co-create and co-invest in programs that are beneficial to the world.”

Through his Aspen Fellowship, John hopes to leverage LS&Co.’s vast partner network to scale sustainability solutions that have tangible impacts within communities and at the global level.

“Most of our licensed partners are keen to work with us,” John said. “We’ve been in business with many of them for over 15 to 20 years. They know us to be purpose driven, and we have an obligation to them, as well as to the communities and consumers we all serve, to drive the world to evolve to a better place.”