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Women's History Month
LS&Co. Employees Reflect on Women’s History MonthRead More
Heritage Life in Levi’s® in the East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club
Brands Celebrating Black Culture via the Levi’s® x Gianni Lee Collection
Black History Month 2020Values Workplace LS&Co. Employees Featured in Levi’s® Black History Month Campaign
HRC Corporate Equality IndexValues Why Our Perfect HRC Index Score Matters
HRC Corporate Equality AwardRecognition Values Levi Strauss & Co. Honored with HRC’s Corporate Equality Award
Sophia AndaryValues Standing Up & Speaking Out – An Employee Shares Her Story
Bloomberg Equality SummitValues Levi Strauss Foundation Leader Speaks on LGBTQ+ Inclusion
LGBTQ flagValues Why We Celebrate National Coming Out Day
Duo Day FranceWorkplace France, Belgium Take Part in Inclusive Job Shadow Event
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