Levi’s® and Snoopy Get Sporty with Levi’s® x Peanuts®

Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
August 6, 2020

While Charlie Brown might be famous for his attempts (and failures) to kick a football, the real athlete of the Peanuts gang is Snoopy. From football to soccer and tennis to baseball, the sporty little beagle did it all in the beloved comic strip. So, in honor of his athletic prowess, Levi’s® has once again teamed up with Peanuts for a special edition Levi’s® x Peanuts® Summer 2020 collection.

The brand’s second collaboration with Peanuts, this summer’s collection is perfectly suited to anyone who prefers their athletics to come with a generous helping of playfulness, wit and nostalgia.

The collection features an array of Snoopy graphics straight from the Charles Schulz team, including tees and sweatshirts as well as a tracksuit inspired by the vintage Levi’s sportswear version from 1984. The graphics include Snoopy returning a tennis serve, punting a soccer ball, racing his pal Woodstock, ollying a skateboard, driving the lane in a game of hoops and more, all with Peanuts’ trademark dose of whimsy irreverence.

Along with the graphics, Levi’s® x Peanuts® Summer 2020 features unisex football tees, a set of reversible Snoopy graphic bucket hats and oversized crewneck sweatshirts. There’s also the iconic cobranded white logo tee, which features Snoopy racing Woodstock over the classic Levi’s® sportswear logo.

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