Community Day 2019


Keeping a “Community Day Mindset” All Year Round

Shawnette Nash
Levi Strauss & Co.
May 8, 2019

Shawnette Nash is a senior analyst based in our Westlake, Texas office. Her team recently held its Community Day volunteer events with the Adaptive Training Foundation and Love and Light Ministries and Lake Grapevine.

I’ve always had a serving heart and mindset… as a matter of fact, my entire family does. 

We all do our best to come together to volunteer with the Tarrant County Food Bank here in Fort Worth every second Saturday. What I remember most from the very first time I volunteered here was laughing so much with my neighborhood friends.  Volunteers and beneficiaries alike were all so warm and welcoming, and quick to share their life stories, making the experience more memorable.

I think that everyone needs a little help now and then – some more than others – but for me, it’s about the connection and helping to lift others up to their potential in their time of need.  I can’t remember how long I’ve been volunteering – maybe since my daughter was born – but I’ve always wanted to be a good example to my children.

Community Day Westlake

These days, I volunteer wherever there is a need – food banks, church events, kiddos’ school events, neighborhood gatherings, and now with Levi Strauss & Co. I do my best to utilize the five hours of paid volunteer time a month the company provides us to use to give back to our communities. That said, this is the first company that I’ve been truly proud to be a part of as an employee. Giving back means so much to me and the fact that it is part of LS&Co.’s foundation is amazing.

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in my second Community Day with the company. The event is where employees take one day to volunteer with local organizations in the communities where we live and work. This year, our Westlake team spent the day volunteering with Love and Light Ministries, the Adaptive Training Foundation and at Lake Grapevine. It was amazing because we had so many employees that raised their hands to participate which meant we were able to work with three different partners. This was so cool because we covered the metroplex in three different cities.

Taking the time off from work to give back helps me break out of that day-to-day grind and lets me know that my life may not be all roses, but I’m grateful for the life I do have and the people who have lived and continue to live life with me.