Dockers Deck Adorns AT&T Park Outfield

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 14, 2014

If you’ve been to AT&T Park in San Francisco this season, you may have noticed a little more orange in the outfield.

This season, the Dockers® brand launched a five-year sponsorship of Dockers® Deck, a premium seating area for 18 fans that includes complimentary food and beverage as well as spectacular views of AT&T Park and its surrounding landmarks.

And, since we have a certain color in common, it’s only natural that Dockers® is partnering with the Giants to own Orange Fridays, when fans wear orange to show support for their beloved team — and now the Dockers® brand.

Every Friday home game for the rest of the season, the Dockers® Airstream will be located at the O’Doul’s entrance to give away exclusive Dockers® fan gear, including scarves, beanies, sunglasses, khakis, and more. This gear can only be bought with social currency — hashtags, follows and mentions on Dockers® Instagram (@dockerskhakis), Twitter (@Dockers) and Facebook. Come by the ballpark the next Friday the Giants are in town, find the Airstream and join in on the social fun!