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GETTY photo shows Freddie Mercury wearing a brown leather jacket — and what looks like Levi’s® 501® jeans — sitting at the piano while he and John Deacon, also wearing Levi’s® jeans, rehearsed at the Budokan.
Unzipped LogoHow LS&Co. Acquired Freddie Mercury’s 501® JeansRead More
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A Levi's® Trucker Jacket is photographed on a plain grey background. The Levi's® Archives copyright image is overlayed on the bottom right corner.HeritageTrucker, or Non-Trucker?
Heritage / ValuesIcons in Denim: A Queer Perspective
Left: a black and white image shows a pickup truck advertising Levi's®. People in the back of the truck hold a sign that reads "Free/Pair of Nocona Boots". "Shane," a tall cowboy cutout advertisement, is on the right. The truck bed is decorated with various Levi's® advertisements. Right: A cardboard "Shane" hangs on the corner of a building advertising Levi's®HeritageMeet Shane: A Tall Tale from the Levi’s® Archives
HeritageWhen the World Became Levi’s® Country
HeritageCalico 501® Artifacts Donated 75 Years After Discovery
black and white image of two horses attached to a pair of Levi's® overalls to reenact the 2-Horse Pull logoHeritageRe-enacting Our Famous Two-Horse Pull
Heritage501® Fab Facts: The Story of Selvedge
HeritageLS&Co.’s Uncovered Treasure
HeritageLevi’s® for Feet: A Step Back in Time
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