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Evolving our culture for a stronger LS&Co.

A Message from Tracy Layney, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

Looking back on all we accomplished in 2021, I first want to thank all the leaders, employees and teams responsible for driving such incredible progress across our diversity, equity and inclusion programs at LS&Co.

This is deeply important work and we are committed to building a strong foundation that will support sustainable, long-term change at the company in the years ahead. As you have read in our report, delivering on our DE&I strategy requires multi-faceted, comprehensive work that goes beyond developing new programs and processes. It’s about truly evolving our culture to create a stronger company.

While our progress won’t always be linear, I’m confident that we are better positioned than ever to continue our forward momentum. Moving into 2022 and beyond, we are committing to the following:

  • Ensure employees of all backgrounds, and with all types of experiences, have meaningful career opportunities at LS&Co., feel supported and see a path forward for growth
  • Improve how we track and measure impact, with an emphasis on better data and increased transparency
  • Develop stronger leaders with essential capabilities – including, inclusive leadership, anti-bias and anti-racism practices
  • Grow as an industry leader in employee well-being by fostering a culture of empathy and implementing policies that support the diverse, holistic needs of all employees – so they can prioritize their wellness and well-being both inside and outside of work

As we grow the impact and effectiveness of our DE&I programs, you can continue to count on us to listen, learn and use our voice as a force for positive change with employees, consumers and our global LS&Co. culture.

As a company guided by our values, we know that creating an inclusive and equitable workplace is the right thing to do. This is not just an altruistic pursuit. We want to create an organization that supports all of our current and future employees. And in doing so, we know we are creating a stronger business for the future.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. We are just getting started.

Tracy Layney
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

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