Left to right: a person stands in a white top and wide dark denim wash Levi's® jeans; a person stands in a long sleeve black denim Levi's® western shirt; a person stands in a light wash Levi's® denim vest and long denim skirt.


Stay On-Trend with Levi’s®

Levi Strauss & Co.
May 16, 2024

Editor’s note: All metrics and figures included reflect reported amounts for Q1 FY24 compared to Q1 FY23.  

Fashion is a constant balancing act, and understanding trends is no different. It can be hard to know what fashion styles are on the rise and which ones are scaling back.  

Luckily for you, we here at Levi Strauss & Co. are experts on trends, especially when it comes to denim. 

A constant push and pull of archival references, runway inspiration, and cultural trends— our design team works seasons in advance to create designs and fits that guide consumers around the world toward the next big trend.  

As we looked back on the first quarter of 2024, we noticed a few styles that stood out from the crowd, and we expect these to continue gaining moment in the year ahead.  

Read on to discover three trends we’re loving — and how you can get the look.  

Loose and Wide on the Rise  

The skinny vs. loose jeans debate has been a hot topic for the last decade, and this year we have a clear winner: looser is in.  

Now, by no means are we declaring the skinny jean dead — just like the little black dress, a perfect pair of skinny jeans will always be a closet staple. That said, there’s a clear growing interest in loose, baggier bottoms.  

“When it comes to bottoms strength, the bootcut, the flares, the ’90s, the Baggy Dad, all are doing really well as fashion fits,” said Michelle Gass, LS&Co.’s president and CEO, on our latest earnings call. “We’re seeing great traction ongoing with the 501® jean, but we’re also in the denim cycle of looser, baggier. We’re definitely seeing it in women’s, but also seeing it in men’s.” 

Three models pose in new Levi's® styles featuring loose and wide pants.

In our first quarter of 2024, we saw loose fits gaining popularity amongst both men and women, both up more than 40% in the quarter. For men, fits like our, XX Chino Loose Straight and 568™ Stay Loose fits all performed extraordinary well, proving to be a clear favorite among our male shoppers.  

For women — this last quarter was the ninth consecutive quarter where loose fits outpaced slim and skinny for women. We fueled the loose and baggy trend by launching six new baggy styles, for which sales were up 50%. New and popular fits included the Baggy Dad Wide Leg and the ’94 Baggy Cargo 

Denim on Denim (on Denim) 

Calling all denim dudes and dudettes — it’s your time to shine and rock your head-to-toe denim outfits! And don’t fret if you’re not part of the trend yet, it’s never too late to join. 

When we think of an all-denim outfit, it’s easy to think of the Canadian Tuxedo made popular in the 1950s. Luckily, 70 years later, our options for denim-on-denim looks have grown, particularly for the “her” shopper. 

This last quarter, we saw great traction with our denim skirts, dresses and jumpsuits, all increasing triple digits. Growth in denim skirts was driven by the Levi’s® Ankle Column Skirt, Icon Skirt and Side Slit Skirt. Denim dresses were also a hit, accounting for more than half of our overall revenue for dresses, another strong-performing category that was up more than 50%. And women’s denim tops, including our classic Trucker jackets, drove more than a quarter of our women’s tops revenue.  

Three models pose in all denim Levi's® outfits.

Denim has always and will always be a staple in the closet. And while all-denim outfits are by no means a new concept, it’s clear they’re back in the spotlight. It’s rare to go a day without seeing this trend all over your daily life — whether you’re watching your favorite musicians on stage, flipping through fashion magazines or catching up on your go-to TV show. 

And we’re not stopping here — we’re eager to bring denim to even more pieces in your wardrobe. As Michelle said on the earnings call, “Looking forward, we are leaning into this opportunity and we’re introducing new denim top silhouettes across blouses, corsets, vests and more.” 

Western Wear Wins 

Our third major trend centers around cowboy culture, a topic rooted in our history and brand creation. Our LS&Co. Historian, Tracey Panek, said it best: “Cowboys were an authentic part of LS&Co. history and its geographic roots. It’s no surprise then, that when Levi Strauss & Co. was considering a symbol to represent its products in the 1930s, it chose the cowboy. For the next four decades, cowboy imagery was featured in the company’s advertising and point-of-sale pieces displayed at Western stores where Levi’s® products were sold.” 

At LS&Co., we define Western wear as just about any pair of denim bottoms with a classic Western top. What’s considered a Western top, you may ask? Look out for the classic pearl buttons and the iconic pointed yoke stitch on the front shoulders and back of the shirt — and of course, an array of denim washes. 

Three models pose in various Levi's® western shirts.

For men, fits like our Classic Western, Barstow Western, Sawtooth Western and ‘65 Western are all great options to help you ease into the western trend — and the consumers agree. Overall, men’s Western tops were up low single digits for the quarter, while women’s Western tops were up more than 40%, driven largely by the Iconic Western, Sawyer Western and Teodora Western Shirt (which was just introduced late last year).  

So, what are you waiting for? Stay stylish this year by heading to a Levi’s® store near you, or shop online at Levi.com to join the trends. And if you need any help, our stylists in store are more than happy to assist.