Photos of LS&Co. employees Danni Hirst, Nasima Amin and Valerie Van Namen on a blue denim texture background.

Empowering Women Globally

Levi Strauss & Co.
March 7, 2024

This month we’re honoring the incredible contributions of women globally. Today on International Women’s Day, our celebration is amplified as we recognize this year’s theme, Empower Women: Accelerate Progress,” and commemorate the profound impact women make in our communities.

“In our pursuit of equality, let’s not just honor achievements but also actively dismantle barriers hindering progress,” said Elizabeth Morrison, Levi Strauss & Co.’s chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer. “Empowerment begins with action. Let us all take proactive steps to champion the voices and experiences of women in our workplaces and communities so they can truly be seen, heard and valued.”

With this goal in mind, we asked members of Rivet, LS&Co.’s women’s ERG, to reflect on how they’ve been empowered throughout their careers and share ways we can all support women year round.

A photo of Danni Hirst next to text on a blue background. The text reads: “By working closely with a store manager in my district on various projects, I’ve seen firsthand how collaboration has empowered me with skills, such as gaining the confidence to speak up in meetings and volunteering for opportunities I might not have pursued otherwise. Their vote of confidence in me and inviting me to collaborate on other projects have really helped me to believe in my own skills and capabilities.” Danni Hirst, store supervisor, Levi Strauss EuropeA block of text on a blue background next to a photo of Nasima Amin. The text reads: "I believe that ensuring fair pay and benefits is key. It's about respecting women's contributions and providing them with the financial stability they deserve. Additionally, creating equal opportunities and supporting leadership programs are vital steps. By focusing on these basics, we lay a solid foundation for women to thrive and for workplaces to flourish." Nasima Amin, Global DTC Training, Operations & CSS specialistA photo of Valerie Van Namen on a blue background next to a block of text. The text reads: “Empower women to take the spotlight. I believe that when you give women the opportunity to shine instead of taking the spotlight yourself, and when you support them along the way, it's the most effective way for a manager to help those team members grow in their careers. Sometimes, we may not feel completely prepared until we're put in the spotlight, but that's when we truly learn. So, trust in the abilities of the women and people you've hired and allow them to rise.” Valerie Van Namen, LFA Integration and Product Development director


Our Ongoing Support of Women in the Workplace

At LS&Co., our employees are our driving force, and we prioritize cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging where they can thrive both professionally and personally. By addressing women’s needs and tailoring benefits, we foster success within and beyond the workplace. Our company culture, rooted in empathy, underpins this commitment.

With women making up more than half of our workforce, we recognize that our company’s success relies on supporting them and their families across various fronts. That’s why we offer competitive paid leave and mental health support through Lyra for global employees, and a new partnership with Maven for U.S. employees, which offers resources for employees’ entire family-building journey — from pregnancy to parenting to menopause. We also host an annual women’s summit, Seen & Heard, which allows us to assess issues important to women and their allies efficiently.

Additionally, through the Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF) we champion access to reproductive health services for marginalized communities globally and domestically. In 2023, the LSF provided $2.3 million in grants to grassroots organizations advocating for reproductive justice.

These efforts and our ongoing commitment to support women in the workplace has earned us several recognitions, most recently by Diversity Comm Magazine as a Top Women Employer for 2024.

We’re a 171-year-old company rooted in values and will continue to use our voice to advocate for our most important stakeholder: our employees. Stay tuned for updates on our progress later this year when we release our DE&I Impact Report. In the meantime, visit our website to learn more about DE&I at LS&Co.

“Each of us has the power to make a difference,” said Elizabeth. “Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.”