A pair of hands works at a sewing machine to sew a Levi's® leather patch onto the back of a pair of Levi's® denim jeans.

Buy Better, Wear Longer Recognized on Global Scale

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 11, 2023

At Levi Strauss & Co., we have built our business on a commitment to quality — and for the Levi’s® brand in particular, that means an unwavering dedication to durability. That’s why the brand launched the Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign, first in 2021 and again in 2022, to encourage consumers to join our mission and buy Levi’s® products designed to last — wearing, loving and reusing them for generations to come.

The campaign has had a remarkable impact, leading it to be recognized around the globe for its contributions to the global conversation on sustainability. Earlier this year, the Levi’s® brand was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN Climate-Change-convened Fashion Charter for the campaign’s key messages of:

  • Designing and manufacturing quality products with timeless style that can be worn and loved longer and passed down across generations
  • Actively nurturing authentic self-expression is key to addressing overconsumption
  • Creating a more sustainable, less resource-intensive apparel sector.

The campaign’s success was highlighted as a case study in the jointly published Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook, a guide for consumer-facing communicators in the global fashion industry to align efforts addressing sustainability challenges in their work. The playbook aims to educate fashion communicators on how to tell their story without contributing to overconsumption in the industry. And, although it alone doesn’t eliminate the problem, the Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign contributes to our holistic approach to sustainability, with the ultimate goal of helping evolve the industry into one that is more circular, more resilient and more aware of its contribution to environmental and social impacts.

“Across our sustainability pillars of climate, consumption and community, we’re actively working to be responsible stewards of the natural resources we use, innovate across design and manufacturing platforms to become more sustainable, and move toward more circular products and practices across the board,” said Jeff Hogue, LS&Co.’s chief sustainability officer. “We’re honored to have the Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign recognized by the United Nations and included in the Playbook, and look forward to continuing the conversation with our consumers as we work internally on our own sustainability commitments.”