Levi’s® Launches “Buy Better, Wear Longer” 2.0

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 21, 2022

Levi’s® “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign is back for its second year to raise awareness about overconsumption in the apparel industry. And this year, it’s focused on a brand commitment that sits at the foundation of buying better clothing: durability.

This year’s campaign fuses the Levi’s® brand’s longstanding commitment to making quality clothing that can last for generations with the passion to work on issues critical to the future of our planet. The look and feel of the creative is different from last year’s, but the fundamental message is the same: Designing and manufacturing quality products with timeless style that can be worn and loved longer, that can be passed down across generations, and that actively nurture authentic self-expression is key to addressing overconsumption and driving toward a more sustainable, less resource-intensive apparel sector.

“The campaign speaks to Levi’s® legacy, durability and appeal to a broad global audience,” says Karen Riley-Grant, Levi’s® global chief marketing officer. “A pair of Levi’s® ages beautifully, engaging generation after generation, with a few tweaks and changes. Timeless and versatile, yet fashionable — no matter the decade. This message is more relevant today than ever before, when we’re all thinking how we can contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign is both a plea and a promise. It’s a plea for consumers to be more intentional about their purchasing decisions and to look for ways to rewear, repurpose and hold on to their clothes as long as possible before passing them down to future generations. And it’s a commitment from the brand to continue its work on numerous fronts to be responsible stewards of the natural resources we use, to innovate across its design and manufacturing platforms to become more sustainable, and to move toward more circular products and practices across the board.

Watch the video to see how Levi’s® can help us all “Buy Better, Wear Longer.”