Madero Street Store Tailor Shop


Madero Street Store Turns 5

Levi Strauss & Co.
January 30, 2023

This spring marks five years since the Grand LATAM team opened the doors to its flagship store in Mexico City. Located on Madero Street, the store is nestled in one of the busiest and most culturally vibrant areas of the city, renowned for its museums, restaurants and architectural landmarks.

The stunning store resides in a 19th century, neoclassical building protected by two federal institutions — the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (SEDUVI) — and combines the rich history of Mexico with our Levi’s® brand DNA into one flagship store experience. Although the team was required to adhere to strict color guidelines due to the federal protections, the team received special permission to use the red Levi’s® logo in the design of the store, in addition to the allowed blue, gold, black and burgundy colors.

Madero Street Store, Mexico City, External Building

Now, nearly five years after it first welcomed consumers, the store has been refreshed in line with our Indigo retail concept to infuse even more of the Levi’s® DNA and full lifestyle experience into the store.

Upon entering, consumers are greeted by a dynamic gallery space focused on sustainability, customization and bimonthly product updates for new collaborations and collections. Nearly 20 mannequins at the entrance of the store encourage consumers to shop for a complete head-to-toe look. This update allows for new products to take center stage and creates more opportunities for our retail team to test and learn what is the most impactful product mix within the traditional men’s and women’s clothing spaces.

At the center of the Madero Street store is a typical Mexican patio, creating space for visitors to admire the natural light and beauty of the building’s traditional Mexican architecture. Previously an area for best-selling fits and key items, the patio is now home to the Tailor Shop in the store’s refresh.

“The heart of the store is now the heart of the Levi’s® Tailor Shop,” said Adriana Flores, director of brand experience in Latin America. “This was a breakthrough moment for us. Consumers now flow through the store in multiple directions and don’t just shop the key sellers. They learn about customizations and how to truly make a pair of Levi’s® their own canvas for self-expression.”

The refresh focused on making the store even easier to shop for consumers. Prior to the Indigo concept, it was more challenging to take consumers through the full head-to-toe experience of Levi’s®, as the store layout was quite long. Working cross-functionally, the team deep dived into product performance, planning analytics, operational models and standards to bring together an elevated product mix that improved our assortment and expanded into new categories like tops and accessories. Now, with new zoning, Indigo shop sets, mannequin runways with featured looks and an elevated product mix, consumers shop the entire store to discover the brand.

These enhancements have resulted in an increase in traffic, more sales, increased conversion and increased units sold per transaction. Throughout 2023, the team will also introduce new digital features and host an activation on the third floor for the 150th anniversary of the 501® jean.

“Madero Street’s stunning architecture makes it the most beautiful flagship store, welcoming you to Levi’s® as well as Mexico City,” said Rui Araujo Da Silva, senior vice president and managing director of Latin America. “It is the highest expression of the brand — bringing everything great about Levi’s® to life: customization, head-to-toe looks, an immersive experience — and shows the power of connecting with a consumer’s heart and needs. There is always more to come in Grand LATAM, and we cannot wait to celebrate even more milestones in the coming year.”

In addition to the Madero Street store, the Satelite store in Mexico City was also recently updated to an Indigo store format. Since its initial opening a few years ago, the Satelite store has consistently been a top performer, right behind the Madero Street store. Levi’s® Satelite carries a premium Tier 2 assortment with a beautiful Tailor Shop that has driven sales growth, increased traffic and increased conversion rates.