Denim: A Common Thread at Music Festivals

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 16, 2022

Summer is festival season. That means music, fashion and a celebration of all things creative. As avid fans ourselves, the team at LS&Co. has always been proud to sponsor music festivals and help spread the joy and sense of community they foster. Some of our favorite work as sponsors is ensuring these events are accessible, sustainable and give back to the communities that host them.

As we near the end of the summer, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the festivals Levi’s® has had the opportunity to work with.

In July, Levi’s® partnered with Live Nation and Rolling Loud as the exclusive denim sponsor, bringing our own sense of style to one of Miami’s trendiest events. Our presence at Rolling Loud included exclusive Levi’s® Rolling Loud Merch that fans could customize with heat press graphics, stencils and custom cropping, and a backstage Levi’s® Tailor Shop complete with patch, distressing and chainstitch options.

Across the Atlantic, We Love Green spanned three days in Paris, with artists including Gorillaz, Disclosure and Phoenix headlining. Festivals are a big operation, and it’s always our priority to keep impact and sustainability front of mind when working on such a major global event. That’s why we launched a 100 square meter Levi’s® corner at the heart of the festival’s “new lifestyle” village, where we provided upcycling workshops from our Recycling Wall deadstock. We also offered free customizations for all attendees wearing Levi’s® products as a part of our efforts to extend the life of the Levi’s® you already own.

In Madrid, we dropped in at Mad Cool to see Metallica, Florence & The Machine, The Killers, Placebo, Muse, Kings of Leon and more. In our brand space, consumers could get their Levi’s® products customized for free, choosing between laser, stencil and button techniques. The space also held a pop up store, chill area and plenty of photo opportunities.

The fun continued across Latin America, with the Meca Inhotim and Coala festivals. Meca Inhotim is a three-day festival inside the Inhotim Institute that is home to one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Brazil and is considered the largest open-air museum in the world. Our presence there included a booth to rent mobile portable chargers, picnic fabric for the audience to enjoy their time outside, and a small local parade to cap it all off. In São Paulo, Coala remains one of the country’s most prominent festivals, and we can’t wait to be in attendance. Both festivals feature entirely Brazilian artists, giving a stage to local musicians, both established and new to the scene, in a lively celebration of the culture.

Summer’s not over yet, either. Right now, we are partnering with Courtney Barnett and her LGBTQIA+ multi-city festival called Here & There Fest with a loyalty giveaway to Courtney’s Dallas and Austin tour dates. Working with The Ally Coalition, we will be putting on workshops within Levi’s® stores located in Dallas and Austin, where Courtney will share her story about self-discovery and how she hopes to impact the LGBTQIA+ community — all while customizing denim with the youth attendees.

From Woodstock to Coachella, denim is never far from the music festival scene. We think it’s a natural fit and look forward to keeping up the tradition for many summers to come.

Join Historian Tracey Panek in the Levi’s® Archives to learn about Woodstock, a special pair of customized 501® jeans and a relationship with music festivals that still lives on today.