Levi Strauss Escape Room

Levi Strauss’s Path to Gold

Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
February 22, 2021

Fancy yourself a Levi Strauss history buff and looking to celebrate our founder’s 192nd birthday this week? Test your knowledge with our new Levi’s Path to Gold virtual escape room, created by our Levi Strauss & Co. Historian Tracey Panek and her team.

Join Levi Strauss on a journey from his village in Bavaria to his rise to fame in San Francisco as one of the city’s most influential entrepreneurs. How did Levi find gold? Work your way through the clues revealed in rare ledgers, invoices and photos from the Levi Strauss & Co. Archives to discover the secret — and learn about his story of adventure, loss, risk and resilience along the way.

Get stuck on a clue? Bring in your colleagues, friends and family to help and learn about Levi Strauss together. Find gold with Levi today!