Dockers x Transnomadica


Dockers® Partners With Transnomadica™ for Vintage Khaki Collection

Danielle Samaniego, Unzipped Editor
Levi Strauss & Co.
February 9, 2021

The Dockers® brand is tapping into its vintage roots for a curated collection of more than 100 pieces in partnership with Transnomadica™, Maurizio Donadi’s fashion curation project featuring vintage apparel, accessories and found objectives.

“Oh Khaki, My Khaki” features unique Dockers® vintage khaki and casual lifestyle garments — ranging from the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s — and is now available on The partnership speaks to the brand’s enduring products as it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Maurizio and explore another sustainable opportunity together, as planet friendly endeavors are top priority for us” said Lauren Johnson, Global Head of Dockers® Marketing. “Exploring Dockers® heritage through the lens of our own vintage products takes us back to what made Dockers® successful from the start. The brand has always believed in a casual lifestyle and designed and created products with intention, and to inspire confidence. This partnership with Maurizio proves that what Dockers® makes endures — both literally and from a style point of view. That’s meaningful.”

The driving force behind the “Oh Khaki, My Khaki” partnership was an examination of the everlasting appeal of khaki and Maurizio’s search for pieces featuring pre-2000s labels and tags. As the leading global authority in khaki since its inception in 1986, Dockers® was the perfect brand to collaborate with Transnomadica™ for this khaki-centered curation based on its ever-evolving innovation — starting with the first-ever Casual Friday — its authentic heritage and its decades-spanning lifestyle appeal.

While timeless styles — like pleats, cargos, cuffed-hems, patchwork flannels, washed crewnecks and more — can be easily found on production lines today, Transnomadica™ focuses on the appeal of historic vintage and archival garments, which acquire more value with time, and honor both cultural artistry and the “beauty of imperfection across time and place.”

“Not many brands have been so democratic in price and of good quality as Dockers®. The simplicity, usefulness and honesty of the Dockers® products make Dockers® a special brand and one of very few responsible for establishing khaki pants as globally recognized for the American Casual Look,” Maurizio said. “The assortment of products we sourced for this project reflects the product philosophy of this brand and the purity of its message: for all to use and for a long time. All products are ready for their second lives.”

The Dockers® + Transnomadica™ “Oh Khaki, My Khaki” vintage collection ranges from $45 to $125 and is exclusively available on now.