Rock the Vote


Levi’s® #UseYourVoice LIVE Centers on Voting

Geoff Law, Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
August 14, 2020

The Levi’s® brand is kicking off the latest iteration of #UseYourVoice LIVE, this time focused on voter education and getting out the vote this fall. The series will spark informed conversation around voting and will run from now through Election Day, providing a platform for activists, experts and influencers to tackle topics like voting during a pandemic, breaking down voting barriers for communities of color, and getting youth out to vote this fall.

The first discussion featured our longtime grantee partner, Rock the Vote (RTV), who works to build the political power of young people across the United States. Rock the Vote’s Organizing Director, Jasmine Jones, will be joined by RTV Youth Ambassadors in the field who are leading the charge to help educate voters and get out the vote in their states. They will talk about voter registration, safely accessing the polls during COVID-19 and all the ways voters can make their voice count this fall.

Now through November, #UseYourVoice LIVE will be broadcasting on the Levi’s® brand’s Instagram and will feature activists, scholars, organizers and other thought leaders like those from Rock the Vote to discuss the importance of voting and voter engagement before, during and after Election Day.

We asked RTV’s panelists what message they would like voters to take away during this election – here’s what they said.

“If I could give a message to voters, I would say that voting is your greatest tool to enact the change you wish to see. Beyond making sure that you vote in every election, encourage your friends and family to vote too! By creating a conversation about voting with the people closest to us we are more likely to hold each other accountable and make voting fun.”Annie Hamaty, Michigan State RTV Ambassador. As an Ambassador for Rock the Vote, Annie encourages voter participation by using relational organizing and social media outreach in every election.

“I would speak directly to my generation and say that this election is the most important in our lifetime. I know you’ve been hearing that time and time again, but it’s true. We need to show up and show out in droves. Let’s re-frame the narrative that youth don’t vote. It’s time to take our anger and frustration from the streets to the ballot box.”Brittany Van Pelt, North Carolina RTV Ambassador. Brittany is a passionate social advocate and organizer, she has done a variety of different communication work in both social advocacy and electoral politics.

“When we all harness the power that lies behind the vote, we have the ability to change the trajectory of our history and decide what kind of place we become.”Oscar Portillo, Florida State Coordinator for RTV’s Ambassador Program. As State Coordinator, Oscar aides part of a national effort by the organization to engage and activate young voters across the country in every election.

“My message to voters would be to vote because your future depends on it. We are in a unique time that every voice needs to be heard. We have the power to make real change and it starts with us. Voting is a civic duty. It showcases that you care about your communities. When you vote, you are showing up for our democracy and when you vote, you not only think about yourself but you are thinking about future generations to come. Be heard; let the ballot box be your voice.”Jasmine Jones, RTV Organizing Director

Listen to the conversation now on Levi’s® Instagram.