Levi’s® X LFC Collection


Levi’s® X LFC Collection Celebrates Historic Victory

Michael Bergen, Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
July 29, 2020

It all started as a simple congratulatory gesture.

This year, Liverpool Football Club (LFC) won the 2020 English Premier League, marking the club’s first domestic title win in 30 years. Levi’s® is an official partner of LFC in Europe, so to celebrate, the UK marketing team created a custom T-shirt splashed with “Campiones” above the iconic Levi’s® Batwing for team members and a few of their high-profile fans. The initial plan was to have these T shirts only be available in the Levi’s® Liverpool store but as players and coaches started posting photos of their shirts on social media, it didn’t take long before fans from all over the world began clamoring for their own. And so the Levi’s® X LFC Collection was born.

The next obvious step? Get those designs into the hands of the fans! Using the online customization tool, LFC fans from around the globe have been able to create their own memento of this historic win.

The fervor for the T-shirts was just the start. The next phase included a partnership with some of the team’s star players to create one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Trucker Jackets. Full-back Andrew Robertson, midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and striker Divok Origi shared season-defining moments and memories to inspire their designs, which were hand-painted by Akse, the street artist behind the famous Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander Arnold murals in Merseyside.

“The designs are a celebration of an incredible season in a way that only Levi’s® and the spirit of the players could bring to life,’ Akse said. “Each trucker jacket doesn’t just remember one moment from the season, they commemorate the character the players, club and supporters. This is a celebration for the whole LFC family and a collection fans can wear with pride.”

Fans will have a chance to win one of the Truckers by entering a drawing with all proceeds going to the Red Neighbours Community Pantries scheme, which provides food supplies to the highest-need communities in Liverpool. For supporters not lucky enough to win, a single illustration combining the three Trucker Jacket designs has been created for an exclusive batwing T-shirt design and is available for fans to print at the Levi’s® Print Bars in our London and Liverpool stores.

“We’re proud to be a partner of the new Premier League Champions. It was only right that we mark their incredible season with a collection for supporters,” said Seth Ellison, executive vice president and president of Levi Strauss Europe. “The 2019/20 season will live long in the memory of those associated with the Club, and the Trucker Jackets and T-shirts are just another way for the LFC family to celebrate together.”

LFC fans can check out the customizable Batwing T-shirts and other pieces at Levi.com. Congratulations to the Levi’s® U.K. team and LFC — walk on, walk on!