Download this Levi’s® Coloring Book!

Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
May 8, 2020

Add a pop of color to your quarantine down time. Introducing the Levi’s coloring book.

Also available on the Levi’s® app and, the Levi’s® coloring book features a collection of vintage images from our very own Archives, offering fans a creative and cost-free way to relax while sheltering in place.

“It’s a terrific way to connect with Levi’s fans during these uncertain times,” said LS&Co. Historian Tracey Panek. “I hope it will generate some nostalgia and memories of good times in Levi’s when people see and color in the drawings.”

Members of the Levi Strauss Europe Marketing team came up with the coloring book following a visit to the Pompidou Museum in Paris. After a meeting on site, the team went to the museum bookstore and saw coloring books for adults.

“Italy was already under shelter-in-place orders at the time [due to the Coronavirus outbreak], so we thought it would be great to share with our fans who were stuck at home.” Camille Avisse, CRM Manager for the Southern Cluster.

Download it now and happy coloring!

Levi's Coloring Book