Star Wars™ x Levi’s®


Star Wars™ x Levi’s® Join Forces

Levi Strauss & Co.
November 1, 2019

Fashion meets the Force in this most iconic of pairings – introducing the Star Wars™ x Levi’s® collection, debuting today.

Star Wars™ x Levi’s®

Since Star Wars: A New Hope hit the theaters in 1977, the legendary space fantasy has occupied a special place in our 

imaginations, a place fans are eager to revisit when Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker hits theaters this December. To mark this seminal moment, Levi’s® partnered with Lucasfilm to create a special-edition collection celebrating the epic history of Star Wars.

Be assured, the style is strong in this collection, featuring iconic elements from the Star Wars galaxy—famous archival graphics of favorite characters and starships from the original films, plus unique co-branding elements like Levi’s® leather patches, buttons, tabs, printed pockets and the famous Levi’s® Batwing logo, all with a Star Wars twist.

“Lucasfilm and Levi’s® are San Francisco neighbors. When we found out that the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga was coming at the end of 2019, we bundled up our Jedi and headed to Lucasfilm looking for Droids,” said Jonathan Cheung, Star Wars™ x Levi’s®Senior Vice President of Design Innovation at Levi’s®. “And here’s a barely known, fun fact : Luke Skywalker was wearing Levi’s® in the original trilogy! Now it’s our turn to return the compliment with Vader, droids, Chewie and Leia.”

Coinciding with the release of Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker, the new Star Wars™ x Levi’s® collection offers a range of both classic Levi’s® icons and streetwear-inspired favorites: tees and hoodies as well as Trucker Jackets and jeans in a unique array of washes.

And of course, what would a Star Wars collection be without instantly recognizable quotes from the films printed or embroidered along backs and sleeves— including “I am your father,” “In a galaxy far, far away….,” and, perhaps best of all, Chewbacca’s immortal “GGWWWRGHH!!!!”

To paraphrase another Star Wars legend, do or do not go out with Star Wars in style, there is no try. The collection is now available in Levi’s® stores and online at