Dockers Challengers


#DockersChallengers: Misterbandb Offers A Safe Space for All Travelers

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 19, 2019

It takes a true visionary to be a Dockers® Challenger. Their ambitions exceed their resources; they follow their dreams and take bold steps to make a difference in the world, conquering their doubts and never making excuses to back away from their goals.

Meet one of Europe’s newest Dockers® challengers, Matthieu Jost, a French entrepreneur and CEO of the LGBTQ+ tourism website Matthieu founded the travel and social networking website in order to empower the LGBTQ+ community to travel more safely, feel welcome, and get local insider tips wherever they go. He was inspired to create a new platform after his own negative experience using Airbnb, in which he faced hostility from a homeowner who had neither anticipated hosting nor was welcoming of a gay couple.

Today, misterb&b is the largest LGBTQ+-friendly travel accommodation platform in the world, boasting  more than 310,000 LGBTQ+ hosts in 135 countries.

As an entrepreneur who has taken on the issue of hostility with resolve and a clear vision, Matthieu embodies the type of challenger Dockers® stands for. Misterb&b means being true to yourself, having a sense of wonder and nurturing hospitality,” Matthieu said of his work.  

In addition to the brand’s support of Matthieu and his work, Dockers® also launched a limited edition T-shirt in honor of Pride this year with all proceeds being donated to Outright International – a non-profit organization which was selected together with Matthieu, it has a seat at the United Nations and addresses LGBTQ+ rights issues at the highest ranks of U.S. politics. Outright International is also one of the projects supported by the misterb&b program Mister for Good, which allows the platform’s users to make donations to several LGBTQ+ NGOs.