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Levi’s® Philippines Wins Outstanding Marketing Award For Holiday Ad

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 17, 2019

In its first-ever year of entry, the Philippines Levi’s® brand marketing team won the “Outstanding Marketing Campaign” award at the biggest retail awards show in the country for its holiday ad campaign that put personalization at the heart of its message.

Last year, the team’s Holiday campaign centered around customization with a focus on Tailor Shops at 10 pop-up locations and two permanent stores around the country. With one-of-a-kind embroidery, custom cuts, and a wide selection of pins and patches, Filipinos fans were able to unleash their inner designer and wear their stories on their sleeves.  

But what really pulled at heartstrings – and wallets – was its holiday commercial. The ad spot shows a man shopping for a Trucker jacket and deciding to get it customized after seeing other consumers do the same. While the tailor suggests some designs, the man turns them down in favor of metal studs and lays down the pattern he wants on the denim.

When he returns home, it is revealed that the jacket is a gift for his son, who is blind, and the studs spell out “Anywhere you go, andyan lagi si papa (papa is always with you)” in braille.

The ad was so effective, in fact, that it helped the brand secure its big win at the 21st Outstanding Filipino Retailers Awards 2019, which took place last month. The awards committee evaluates retailers based on the creativity, originality and innovation of the campaign and how much the business grew as a result.

The award also considers customer feedback in their decision, and the response was incredible. Posted on Levi’s® Philippines Facebook page back in October when it first aired, the ad racked up over 1.9 million views, 28,000 shares, and 2,600 comments when it was released. It has since garnered 11 million views to date as well as coverage in outlets like Esquire and CNN Philippines. 

“We are incredibly proud of the Philippine team. They tapped into an emotion inspired by a story about meaningful holiday gift giving,” said Karen Riley-Grant, vice president of marketing for the Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.“It was a message the brand has always held true: the Levi’s® experience is authentic, personal, and most importantly, inclusive.”

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