Levi’s® Launches Pride Video Series

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 4, 2018

Every year, we create a Pride collection to celebrate our friends and family in the LGBTQ community. It’s a way to increase visibility, get more people involved in the push for equality and give back.

Made with self-expression in mind, this year’s collection celebrates the many ways people can customize their Levi’s® to show the world who they are. We centered our designs around the “I AM” tee as a big way to make a personal declaration and encourage people to put their unique style on display.

In addition to the collection, we wanted to show how members of the LGBTQ community live their lives — real, raw and unedited. To do that, we asked some pioneers and activists to share their stories. Meet our 2018 Pride cast.

I Am Arbie Mosley

Mosley is the co-host of ‘POWERVERS,’ a podcast focused around everything LGBTQ-related. By featuring topics about sexuality, gender, politics, pop culture and more, he’s building an audience and giving a voice to the greater community.

 I Am Juanita More!

MORE! Is a drag queen, chef and San Francisco fixture. Born and raised in the Bay Area, her performance career spans 25 years of DJing, hosting parties and being a political activist. She hosts fundraisers for LGBTQ organizations, and she gathered people for a march in 2017 that brought around 10,000 people together.

I Am I.O. Tillett Wright

Author, television host, photographer, public speaker, Wright is a well-known figure in the LGBTQ community and a leader in discussing topics such as sexuality and gender. His works have been featured in “T Magazine” and “The New York Times.”

I Am Melissa King

King is a Top Chef finalist and chef ambassador for Whole Foods Market. She was selected as the San Francisco Pride Celebrity Grand Marshal in 2016, and she hopes to give a bigger voice to Asian-American members of the LGBTQ community.

I Am Rocco Kayiatos

Kayiatos is an artist, educator and entrepreneur who teaches youth about identity and feminism. He’s one of the few musicians who transitioned while having an on-stage performing career. Today, he’s the co-creator of Original Plumbing, the world’s first trans male quarterly magazine.

We Are Terra Jauno (TJ) + Nicole Stark

TJ is a genderqueer model and motorcyclist. She also loves to build and make things with her hands. Nicole is a model and actress, and she runs a vintage clothing store in Los Angeles. Together, they’re an unstoppable renegade couple.

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