Levi’s® Shaping Series Inspires Body Positive Campaign in India

Levi Strauss & Co.
October 31, 2017

This fall, Levi’s® India continues to celebrate the female form, in all its forms, with a new season of its inspirational #IShapeMyWorld campaign.

The successful campaign highlights the stories of extraordinary, fearless women who have shaped the world on their own terms – including model-turned-actress Ileana D’Cruz, who has battled depression and body dysmorphia even as she set the standard for beauty on the silver screen.

“I was a very self-conscious, shy person once I hit my teens, so I was constantly picked on for my body type,” she tells the world in her #IShapeMyWorld video. Her acceptance of herself has been a hard-earned victory, but now she can proudly declare: “You’re human, you’re not meant to be perfect. You’re meant to be flawed.”

And she isn’t about to let those flaws stop her. “I don’t care if I fail again, I just want to keep pushing and keep trying to be the best version of myself,” she says.

Other luminary ladies featured in the fall campaign include Shakti Mohan, who beat the odds when she ignored doctors who told her she would never walk again to go on to win the dance reality show “Dance India Dance,” and Bani J, who is unapologetic about her muscular body type in her pursuit of fitness.

The inaugural #IShapeMyWorld campaign generated a huge response, with fans sharing the inspirational videos, as well as their own stories, thousands of times. The campaign highlights women from different age groups, backgrounds and professional fields – and, because the campaign features the Levis® 300 Shaping Series, it also showcases women who proudly sport a variety of body types.

In the U.S., Levi’s® kept the body positive messaging front and center by teaming up with photographer Kava Gorna to shoot the photos for this year’s 300 Shaping Series. Her qualifications for the job were pretty clear-cut: Last year, she released a book called “100 Cheeks,” a collection of photographs of her female friends and acquaintances that unabashedly celebrate a woman’s derriere, in all shapes and sizes – and all of them are encased in a pair of Levi’s® jeans.

“Initially my book wasn’t just Levi’s®, but then it started to kinda filter down to just vintage Levi’s® because they have a great way of wearing and customizing to the body,” Kava said. “And I found that the booty looks the best in those across the board.”