Levi’s® Plus Size, On the Rise

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 21, 2017

Everyone is welcome to live in Levi’s®.

The Levi’s® brand prides itself on accommodating all shapes and sizes. This fall, the brand is launching a plus-size women’s tops collection to compliment the bottoms assortment. The collection will be made available online at and Amazon as well as Levi’s® outlet stores and in wholesale retailers like Kohl’s and Macy’s.

Some of the new plus-size fall options will include the women’s top-selling jean, the 711 Skinny, in a range of stylish finishes as well as Levi’s® top essentials like western shirts, boyfriend-fit and popover tops, and the Levi’s® house mark tee, which happens to be the biggest tops seller in women’s right now. And there’s no upcharge – pricing is the same for fits and finishes in larger sizes as they are for regular-size offerings.

“Our plus-size line is finally a head-to-toe expression, and I think that is really going to speak strongly to the consumer,” Kim Casazza-Cutts, merchandising assistant for Levi’s® women’s tops, said.

Though more than 65 percent of the U.S. population at a size 14 and above, plus-size clothing only accounts for 17 percent of sales across the US apparel market, which really means one thing – opportunity.

“Meeting the needs of our consumer, women of all shapes and sizes, is our top priority,” said Kim Angle, merchant for Levi’s® women’s bottoms. “It’s disheartening to see how little choice is out there for this consumer when she represents the majority. It is important for us to recognize this and be advocates for change in the fashion industry.”

But it’s not just about offering basics, it’s about fashioning a true Levi’s® look. Think specially-designed patterns that fit and flatter her shape. And expect more stylish offerings next year as the team builds on the collections.

“I’m really excited,” said Kim Casazza-Cutts. “Just being able to make really strong statements with, say, the Wedgie or with an off-the-shoulder top or even a chiffon blouse, those are the things that she’s really wanting to find because it’s so hard to find fashion for this consumer. It shows that we plan to be there for her.”

Check out the latest plus-size offerings at and select wholesale retailers where Levi’s® apparel is available.