Celebrating 25 Years in Poland

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 16, 2016

This summer, Levi Strauss & Co. employees at our manufacturing facility in Plock, Poland, celebrated 25 years of successful operations and producing some of our finest quality clothes.
Since 1991, when the factory first opened with just 20 workers, the Plock team has continued to evolve along with our business by developing pioneering manufacturing techniques, meeting key sustainability requirements, finding solutions to get clothes to customers faster and forging ever-closer relationships within the community. Today we employ 1,000 people at the facility.
“It’s just incredible what our team in Poland has been able to continue to deliver,” said Seth Ellison, executive vice president of our Europe operations. “Just producing incredibly high-quality products, arguably some of the best products in the entire industry, over and over and over again, The team has done a great job of staying focused on being that bedrock for our business.”
With a big focus on bottoms, the Plock location makes more than 300,000 products annually that are sold on all continents.
“Plock is always one of the first adapters and uses new innovations really effectively to drive the business,” said Liz O’Neill, senior vice president of Product Development and Sourcing. “Whenever we start deciding which products are going to get placed in which factories each season, Plock is always on top of everybody’s list.”
Beyond the operational excellence they have shown by producing high-quality products, embracing innovation and working to achieve top environmental and safety standards, the employees in Plock have lived LS&Co.’s values in a way that serves as an example for the rest of the company. Plock has one of the highest participation rates in giving back to the community and donating to charitable organizations.
The Plock team — along with their families, leaders, former employees and local Plock officials — celebrated the anniversary with an open house and the plant management team showed off each department and process, operating their stations to give visitors a real picture of production flow. Cake was served to the nearly 600 attendees and additional tours and a river boat reception were hosted for special guests, including local business and NGO partners.
Plock is one of two Levi Strauss & Co. manufacturing operations. The other is located in Epping, South Africa where we became one of the first multinational companies to enter the country post-Apartheid.