Tailor Made: BET visits Levi’s® Brooklyn Store

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 9, 2016

Though admittedly not her usual style, when editor/stylist Shiona Turini slipped into her new pair of 721 high-rise skinny jeans, she had but one comment. “When in Levi’s®, you hop on the bandwagon,” she said.
Shiona and fellow fashion stylist Matthew Henson spent time at the Brooklyn Levi’s® store in Williamsburg for a BET video segment where they discovered how to turn denim pieces into personal style expressions.
The pair spoke with Luke Good, who works in the store’s Tailor Shop. Tailor Shops, located in select stores, offer alterations and chain-stitching embroidery of basically anything to add that personal touch.
“At this time, we’re just about one of the only stores in the world that does this,” Luke said. “It’s a collaborative effort with clients. We can do just about anything and everything.”
Shiona went with a classic embellishment – her name on a classic Trucker jacket. “I love it, I’m really into it,” she said.
When asked about the store’s most popular item, items from the Authorized Vintage collection reigned supreme.
“Anything with selvedge denim we can’t keep on shelves,” Luke said. “People from all across America collect them to repurpose, repair and refurbish them.”
Check out the video below: