Levi’s Flagship Store Window Becomes Living, Breathing Mural

Levi Strauss & Co.
March 11, 2016

When we launched our “We are 501®”seasonal campaign in February, our goal was to highlight some of the amazing, creative people who rock 501® jeans and to tip our hat to the iconic style that has defined and inspired self-expression for decades.
At the center of this year’s project are artists from across the globe. Parisian fashion icon, Caroline de Maigret, American DJ, Classixx, and Chinese multimedia artist, Yi Zhou are just a few of the tastemakers showing the broad range of individuals whose style is influenced by their love of Levi’s.

To honor our fans around the world we have commissioned local San Francisco artists to recreate our “We are 501®” campaign creative in the window of our flagship Market Street location in downtown San Francisco.
The mural took 56 hours to create over the course of an entire week using striking photography from the campaign. A lead artist and his apprentice used the photos as reference to sketch outlines of the images, then painted them on brick live for local pedestrians to enjoy. More than 6,000 photos were captured each day to allow us to create this time-lapse video showing the mural’s development.

You’ll notice that both artists are sporting their own 501®s throughout the entire process.
We hope you’ll be inspired by this project and share how you wear your 501® jeans using #LIVEINLEVIS and follow @LEVIS.

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