10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Denim Lovers

Levi Strauss & Co.
November 17, 2014

When you’re as head-over-heels for denim as we are here at Unzipped, it’s crucial to stay caught up on trends, insights, and industry news in real-time. And what better medium to do so than Twitter? A jean-saturated feed is a must for any Levi’s® lover, providing all the expert musings and invaluable links to keep you up-to-speed.

You can start (warning: shameless plug ahead) by following the L.S.& Co. Twitter, to stay up-to-date on all our recent news, sustainability initiatives, innovations and other happenings.

Now, check out our ten must-follow Twitter handles for denim lovers:

1. Denimhunters, @denimhunters

The Denimhunters Twitter is a trusted offshoot of one of our favorite online denim resources, run by Thomas Stege Bojer. Topics include industry news and profiles of recently launched product, ranging from breakthrough pairs to work boots and denim sneakers.

2. Jean Stories, @jeanstories

This feed is a must for denim-clad fashionistas, covering styling trends and indigo’s appearances in high-fashion magazines — for instance, Vogue recently declaring frayed hems to be fall’s top trend — along with profiles of jean-lovers dressed to the nines. A quick scan of this well-curated feed leaves no doubt of denim’s place in the high-fashion hall of fame.

3. Eat Sleep Denim, @eatsleepdenim

Another must for those who want to incorporate their denim into the season’s hottest looks, Jennine Jacob’s Twitter brings a wealth of ideas on how to rock your blues with serious style cred. This feed not only links to every article published by the beloved ESD blog, but also comes with insightful styling tips, fun throwback Thursdays, and the guarantee that you’ll never miss a great denim editorial feature.

4. Heddels, @Heddels

The raw denim aficionados at Heddels — a comprehensive resource for everything raw denim — also happen to have a wicked sense of humor. Not only are the fade experts guaranteed to link to a cheeky post on their site every Holiday — April Fool’s Day and Halloween, for example — but they’ll also keep you abreast of all the raw denim news that’s fit to print…er, tweet.

5. Denim Therapy, @denimtherapy

The denim repair experts in NYC recap the best denim trends, provide styling tips, round up industry news and denim-clad celeb spottings, plus they provide some pretty cool before and after images of their repair work, sure to add interest to your scroll.

6. Enjeanuity, @enjeanuity

These “luxury denim connoisseurs” curate a design-heavy and visual Twitter feed that is a feast for the eyes. They round up new and innovative products in the industry, from jeans to jackets to furniture, and couple their tweets with an active Tumblr presence.

7. Denim Blog, @DenimBlog

“Your daily denim fix” promises a complete rundown of celebs recently spotted out and about rocking their denim. From Maria Shriver to Kanye to Reese Witherspoon, the pics — along with some interspersed links to posts that pick the hottest blues of the season — are sure to provide a wealth of styling inspiration.

8. Denim Hunt, @DenimHunt

Shanna McKinnon uses her background as a trend forecaster to inform her blog DenimHunt. With catchphrase “Loving fashion & living in jeans,” her feed is the perfect source for runway rundowns, celebrity jean ensembles, and favorite new denim duds on the market.

9. Levi’s, @LEVIS

Of course, we’re biased, but the Levi’s Twitter is a great way to stay on top of all the recent news coming from yours truly. Learn about how our fans live in their Levi’s, be the first to know about exciting product launches — and special offers! — and stay on top of all developments related to your fave denim.

10. Levi’s UK, @Levi’s_UK

Why not also glean jean insights from across the pond too? While posting in tandem with the Levi’s U.S. Twitter, our U.K. offshoot offers similarly engrossing content with a decidedly hip Brit perspective. Following Levi’s on both sides of the Atlantic is double the fun!