Levi’s® Devotees Rock Out In Brooklyn At The Live In Levi’s® Launch Event

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 7, 2014

The Live In Levi’s® campaign celebrates our favorite jeans—those trusty, go-to garments that stick with us through the myriad of memorable moments that make up our lives. And after Tuesday night’s thrilling Live in Levi’s® launch party, we can add another one of those great times to the list.

Throngs of Brooklynites and non-Brooklynites, all clad in their favorite Levi’s®, gathered at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for an amazing evening of food, drink, friends and of course, music. Donning a Levi’s® article of clothing was a prerequisite for entry. Considering the iconic products spotted at the event—from skinny jeans to western shirts to trucker jackets—it was clear that the dress code was almost as big a hit as the musicians who graced the stage.



The party kicked off with an en masse photo of the over 2,000 attendees—think Spencer Tunick, sans nudity, plus denim. The massive group shot historically captured the collective energy of individual lovers of Levi’s®, united for a night of unforgettable music. The crowd included tastemakers and musicians including Ra Ra Riot’s Rebecca Zeller and Milo Bonacci, Delta Spirit’s Kelly Winrich, HAERTS’ Garrett Lenner and Nini Fabi, and Vashtie, all ready to dance away the warm summer night.

As daylight began to fade, Brooklyn-born noise pop act Sleigh Bells took to the stage. The energized crowd chanted along to Alexis Krauss’s sometimes sweet and sometimes roaring vocals, Derek Edward Miller’s grinding guitar, and, of course, thunderous beats. The duo played songs ranging from those on their breakout album Treats all the way up to their most recent compilation, Bitter Rivals. Though it has yet to be confirmed, we would wager a guess that the band’s thumping bass could be heard well across the East River—or if not, it sure sounded like it!


While undoubtedly a difficult act to follow, leave it to pop trio Haim, who took the radio waves by storm in 2012 with their catchy hit “Forever,” to take on the challenge. Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana swung that sultry hair and played selections from their newest album Days Are Gone, along with some old faves.



You might be thinking: Tuesday? Really? Aren’t weekends when the fun goes down? Don’t you people have jobs? But any resident of NYC knows that the middle of the week is primo party time—especially on an evening as gorgeous as this one was—and a bleary-eyed morning in the office is always worth the fun. Plus, a great night of music inspires enough lingering excitement and adrenaline to get us through until 5:00 p.m.

Were you there in person? Or do you have a great Levi’s® story? If so, share your pics on social media and tag with #LiveInLevis.