LS&Co. Logo Named 5th Oldest in the World

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 4, 2014

It’s rare to find a logo that is over a century old, especially in a world that relies heavily on change. But recently, 24/Wall St. released a list of the 10 oldest logos that have persisted without change and Levi Strauss & Co.’s two-horse logo, landed the fifth spot on the list behind Stella Artois, Twinning’s Tea, Bass Ale and Shell. You might ask yourself, what is the importance behind an old logo? While a logo may be a simple representation of a brand, it’s really much more than that. It is the legacy that it can leave on its past, present, and future consumers.

Levi Strauss & Co. was once identified as the “two horse brand” due to the patch on the back of every pair of jeans portraying two horses riding in opposite directions straining to tear the pair of jeans apart. The logo has persisted, standing for the durable, authentic jeans that anyone and everyone can wear. This insignia expresses more than simply a design, it is a stamp of our dedication to our fans, and it truly was our first sign of a commitment to sustainability by creating a product that will last.

And that is what our 128-year logo stands for – jeans that are built sustain and adapt with you over time. Because Levi’s® jeans are not something that you simply wear; they are what you live in.