Fore! What to Wear on the Golf Course? Khakis, of Course

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 2, 2014

Picture this: the summer sun, fresh tightly cropped turf under your feet, perfect cloud formations dot an otherwise spotless blue sky, and you’re sporting your favorite pair of khakis. Cleats in the soil, you line up your driver and whack! The ball sails with a perfect storm of power, strength, and precision. That’s right—summer golf season is officially upon us and it’s time to hit the links in style.

For golf lovers, summer is the ideal time to break in the 9 Iron, work on your swing, and improve your handicap. For the uninitiated, summer provides an opportune chance to delve into the historical sport (fun fact: golf originated in Scotland as far back as the 15th century), whether at the driving range or snaking through 18-holes in a golf cart.

Here at LS&Co., we love golf season because we get to break in our favorite Dockers® khakis. Whether you want to hit a few balls on the driving range, go out for a lazy Sunday with friends, or have a business golf-trip looming on the horizon, getting golf attire right shouldn’t be a chore. Our choice? Khakis, of course.

Truly, khakis and golf share a pretty historical link. Prior to the turn of the century, golfers regularly played wearing kilts and animal skins. The early 1900s ushered in an era of long trousers, jackets and ties. In the mid-forties, and during the war, golfers traded in all the fabric for short-sleeve shirts and bow ties.  When the 1950s-60s hit, golf and cotton khakis became synonymous—and we have golf greats like Arnold Palmer to thank for that.

Today, khakis remain a popular choice for playing a classic round of golf. We asked Kristin Kulp, Vice President of Dockers® Global Merchandising, why. “It takes someone from the golf course to dinner; from work to the clubhouse and any other occasion from there,” she says, making it a good choice for business golf games and impromptu sessions on the driving range.

And then of course, there’s performance. Thanks to lightweight cotton and no-iron technologies, khakis look good and can help you play a long, comfortable round of golf without feeling weighed down or constricted.

“Looking sharp and presentable and having the performance you need to do that on the golf course—no wrinkles, the wicking properties that keep you comfortable, and a nice crease—it’s a natural crossover that one would wear khakis on the golf course,” Kulp says.

Oh, and an important note for the style-minded golfers: while khakis have been historically linked to golf for ages, that doesn’t mean you have to trade modern looks for dad pants (no one should have to do that). Might we suggest something classic, yet stylish, from the Dockers® Signature and Never Iron lines? Whether you want a classic golf look, or a presentable fresh-pressed ensemble, stylish golfers can sport timeless looks on the course without any bagging, sagging, or wrinkling. Add a short sleeve button up or polo shirt, and voila: excellent golf attire.

And now that we’ve covered the getup, all that’s left is acing the perfect swing and shooting a 70 round—ok, we might need a little more practice before that.