Blue Jeans & Blue Lips: Protectors of the Bay Take the Plunge in an Unlikely Swimsuit

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 17, 2014

When you think of the San Francisco Bay, many images come to mind. The beauty of the water, the Golden Gate Bridge, the marine life, and the frigid waters in which they live. This past Saturday, there were a few more mammals swimming in that ecosystem, all to raise awareness for the importance of protecting the Bay from pollutants. On June 14, swimmers and boaters alike, swam, rowed and sailed from Aquatic Park to AT&T Park in celebration of San Francisco Baykeeper’s 25 years of defending the Bay.

And they did so in quite the unlikely swimsuit – Levi’s® 505® jeans. As a leader in the industry for water conservation, Levi Strauss & Co. supports these efforts and the important mission of San Francisco Baykeeper: to protect and enhance the water quality of the San Francisco Bay for the benefit of its ecosystems and human communities. In addition to our sponsorship, we also added a bit of style to the swim by donating the Levi’s® 505 jeans.

“The Levi’s® jeans represent that San Francisco, pull-yourself-up by your bootstraps, get-it-done attitude that has fueled these citizen Baykeepers,” said San Francisco Baykeeper board member and swimmer, Peter Molnar. We couldn’t agree more. This group of people has embodied that Levi Strauss pioneering spirit to keep their environment clean, helping to prevent oil spills, reduce sewage pollution, and compel industrial facilities to stop contaminating the Bay.

Over the next 25 years, Baykeeper aims to make the Bay the healthiest estuary in the country. We salute San Francisco Baykeeper for your noble work to keep our Bay healthy and beautiful. We just hope our Levi’s® helped keep you a bit warmer during your swim for the cause.

baykeeper2014-159 (Photo Credit: Susanne Friedrich)