#Denimheads: 7 Tumblrs To Satiate Your Denim Cravings

Levi Strauss & Co.
April 28, 2014

For enthusiasts of all ilk, Tumblr is a treasure trove of discoveries. Whether you have an exuberant affinity for cabins, bookshelves, or extremely small things, Tumblr has a blog for you to share your obsessions with fellow enthusiasts.

And when it comes to denim, there’s certainly no shortage of awesome Tumblrs to satiate even the strongest of indigo-tinged cravings. As part of our ongoing series celebrating all things digital in the world of denim, we sought out some of the best denim-centric Tumblrs around.

Among the mix, you’ll find Tumblrs from industry mainstays like RawrDenim and DenimFuture to Tumblr-centric pros like The Denimhead and All Mighty Denim.

Behold, here are 7 great denim tumblers to add to your feed for a dash of denim whenever you need it:

RawrDenim: If you aren’t already well acquainted with Rawr Denim, the raw fade denim gurus, then you need to follow their Tumblr feed, stat. You’ll find special columns like Fade Fridays and re-blogs from some of the best fades and denim products on Tumblr.  And while you’re at it, be sure to visit their website for more on raw denim.

The Denimhead: The Denimhead Tumblr is a sleek, well-styled homage to one of the world’s most cherished fabrics. From epic pictures of fades, vintage denim pieces, and new and timeworn brands from all corners of the Internet, this Tumblr will satiate any denim enthusiast’s need for immediate indigo imagery. It’s also a perfect destination for anyone looking for a little style inspiration.

All Mighty Denim: “A Salute to Denim and Chambray Perfection” is the motto over at All Mighty Denim. And this Tumblr certainly lives up to its promise. Followers can peruse the hypnotic, indigo-hued snapshots of great denim looks—from new jackets and vests, to vintage and DIY jeans and cutoffs. With pictures this cool, we’re certain you’ll be scrolling for much longer than you intended.

Selvedge Love: Denimheads are bound to love this Tumblr, which features nothing but contemporary and vintage images of selvedge fabrics. You’ll find old Levi’s ads, vintage denim photography, accessories, and images from some of the most exciting brands in the selvedge world.  (Don’t know what selvedge is? Don’t worry, we just recently covered the oft-overlooked parts of the pant.)

Before the Word: Before The Word is a digital look book for fantastic denim pieces, accessories, and beautiful photography. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, new ways to wear denim, or some great denim-centric imagery, this Tumblr is a must-follow for denim enthusiasts everywhere.

Dnmhds: This Tumblr denim collage is a near-endless scroll of indigo hues, chic denim looks, and timeless denim pieces culled from all corners of the Internet.  Plus, many of Dnmhds posts are re-blogs, making it a great way to discover new and engaging denim-themed Tumblrs.

Denimfuture: Denimfuture’s motto is that “history will never change, but the future may.” Translation? Awesome denim products and news displayed on an aesthetically-pleasing Tumblr. On Denimfuture, visitors will find photos of great fades and washes, look book photos for men and women, and new jean label launches. And really, what more could a Denimhead ask for?