#Denimheads: We Admire Raw Denim Enthusiasm on Reddit

Levi Strauss & Co.
March 19, 2014

When raw denim enthusiasts and denimheads team up on social media, the results can be profound. That’s because keeping up with the latest in niche denim behaviors—from upkeep, to styles of fading, to the nuts and bolts of owning raw denim—can be one tall order.

Enter Reddit. Thanks to the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” denimheads can connect with other denim fanatics on the social network to share and swap all of their selvedge denim-filled dreams.

Of course, we have a soft spot for denim here at LS&Co., so we scoured Reddit to find some of the most interesting threads on raw denim and denimheads. And while comments on Reddit can be fickle, there’s no denying the power of sharing valuable information on the social network. From basic raw denim primers to an AMA (ask me anything) forum with a self-identified denimhead, you’ll find a few denim-centric discussions unfolding on Reddit. And if you need a crash course on Reddit, try this.

Misconceptions on Raw Denim: Raw denim can be easy to get wrong. With myth and lore circulating about the best ways to launder, break in and fade it, things can get downright confusing for anyone new to the raw denim world. This ongoing thread aims to quell misconceptions about the fabric and how to care for it. From “ocean shaping” to washing raw denim, common practices and mis-practices are taken to task.

Official/r/RawDenim FAQ: This raw denim primer is packed with attitude—and useful information from some of Reddit’s most tireless denim enthusiasts. The RawDenim Reddit wiki covers nearly everything you need to know about raw denim—from what makes jeans raw to definitions of selvedge, warp and weft.

Well informed readers of rawdenim, how did you become to know so much?: For novices and denimhead aficionados alike, this open-ended thread asks denim lovers to weigh in on how they acquired their denim know-how. For anyone who has ever wondered how to become a true denim devotee, this thread might be a great place to tap into new blogs and insight from some of the most prolific denim lovers on the Web.

Simple Questions: Here at LS&Co., we love all types of denim—be it raw or washed. This thread serves as a guide for denim lovers looking for a little basic knowledge about denim. It’s a great quick overview on denim accessories, specific fits and other topics that exist without a designated thread on Reddit.

WAYFT: WAYFT=What Are You Fading Today? This weekly thread about fading asks Redditors this very question. The result? An ongoing discussion about various dyes, fading techniques and raw denim finishing effects on jeans across various labels. This serial thread can be a good place to learn more about the latest fading trends as well as traditional effects.

Bonus: This open-source sizing guide is great for anyone looking for a little help in the fit department. In addition, you can find an ongoing roundup of all the happenings on the /r/rawdenim thread here.