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a cropped photo showing the torsos and tops of legs of two people. The person on the left faces away from the camera and wears a mustard colored top tucked into charcoal-blue pants. The person on the right faces the camera and they wear a dark brown crewneck sweatshirt and green Dockers® pants.
Dockers® Logo in white, featuring a nautical anchor and

The Dockers® brand has defined authentic khaki since 1986.

Always On
Genuine and dedicated to making life and work easier, we’ve taken a trusted brand and updated it for modern life. Dockers® ensures guys are not only dressed for the moments that matter, but also have the confidence to seize any opportunity that comes their way.
A pile of stacked Dockers® pants, cropped in on the front river and zipper fly.

As the creators of the khaki category, Dockers® is proud of its rich history.

First introduced in 1986, this American classic was at the heart of the casual movement, providing men with smarter, more comfortable and more versatile clothes for every occasion. Today, Dockers® remains a worldwide favorite for all things khaki and now features a full range of fits and styles, with thoughtful designs and advanced innovations.

A person sits with bent knees and their hand on their knee in front of a brown/green background wearing a long sleeve white shirt from Dockers® and camo green Dockers® pants with black sneakers.
A close up shot of the back of a pair of tan Dockers® pants with a black Dockers® logo.
A person sits on a stool in front of a camo green background with their left hand on their left hip. They are wearin ga long sleeve grey/green button down over a t-shirt with tan khaki Dockers® pants.

Dockers® – the originator of casual Friday, and the ultimate expert on khaki.