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DENIZEN® from Levi’s®
A group of people hold hands against a fluorescent colorful background. They wear Denizen by Levi Strauss products. Person on the left wears a white t-shirt, brown pants and sneakers. They have a blue denim jacket held over their shoulder. The next person wears a long sleeved white button-down tucked into blue jeans. The person in the middle wears a brown button up jacket over a white t-shirt with blue denim jeans. The next person has a white collar poking out of a brown sweater tucked into blue jeans with a rip on the right knee. They wear black loafer shoes. The person on the far right is wearing a long sleeve blue shirt and khaki pants with red sneakers. Photo by Julia Johnson.
white Denizen from Levi's logo

DENIZEN® from Levi’s® celebrates bold, positive energy. Our styles embrace flexibility so you never miss a beat.

Bold & Flexible
With flexible fabrics, unique finishes, and a wide range of fits for everybody, DENIZEN® lets you embrace the next possibility, wherever that takes you.
A person with long dark hair faces the camera. Their left arm is bent and their hand is behind their neck. Their right arm is bent and their hand is placed on their hip. They are wearing a black long sleeve and Denizen by Levi Strauss & Co. medium wash jeans. The photo is cropped below their knees. There is an abstract purple and green light-streaked background. Photo by Julia Johnson.

Designed for those who are confident and constantly in motion, DENIZEN® jeans are as limitless as people who wear them.

Embrace life’s possibilities – with optimism, self-expression, and innovative denim that flexes with you every step of the way.

Two people sit on a reflective floor back to back. The person on the right has long dark hair and is wearing a white t-shirt. They have some tattoos on their left arm and are wearing cargo-style tan pants with white socks and sneakers. The person on the right has medium blonde hair and bangs. They are wearing a black turtleneck long sleeve shirt and blue jeans with tan socks and white sneakers. Photo by Julia Johnson.
A close up of the back of someone's Denizen From Levi's® jeans. You can barely see a green sweater tucked into the top of the jeans and you can see the reflection to the left with a slightly pink tinge. Photo by Julia Johnson.
A person lays down on a see-through fluorescent bench. They have cropped black hair and are wearin ga long sleeve grey shirt and khaki pants from Denizen For Levi's®. Their left hand is propped against their bent right leg and they are wearing white socks and orange-red sneakers. Photo by Julia Johnson
A close up of two folded pairs of Denizen From Levi's® jeans. The one on top is medium wash and the one in the back is dark wash. They are against a green background and both have brown tags on the waistband that read

DENIZEN® is here to help you reject the routine - both in the way you move and the way you live.