Left: the sleeve of a custom Trucker jacket designed for LS&Co.'s annual Seen & Heard women's summit. Right: a photo of the back of the jacket. The jacket is gold and features a painting of a heart on the back.

A Trucker Full of Heart

Levi Strauss & Co.
December 10, 2023

In the lead-up to this year’s Seen & Heard, Levi Strauss & Co.’s annual global women’s summit, we issued a global call to our workforce: send us your best Levi’s® Trucker design concept that embodies this year’s event theme, “I Am …” and we’ll turn it into a real-life jacket.

Employees didn’t disappoint, with submissions sent in from women and allies in six different countries that told stories of joy, heritage, history, culture, family, empowerment, growth, strength and beauty.

In the end, however, there could only be one winner. A Trucker full of heart, the winning design by Ana Alvarez, store planning and construction senior manager for our LATAM denim brands, is a powerful representation of personal identity.

“I sat down to think about what represents me the most and got me to this place in my life,” reflected Ana on her final design submission and her own life journey. “Being a woman, mother, sister, wife, friend — everything leads to one starting point: my heart. As the heart injects blood into our bodies to be alive, this heart will beat with love, passion, courage and happiness to fill my life, career and dreams.”

Elements of Ana’s culture played a large role in her design — her connection to her Mexican heritage is beautifully conveyed through the jacket, adorned with the vibrant colors inspired by alebrijes, a type of Mexican folk art. A heart acts as the design’s eye-catching focal point.

A digital mock-up of the front and back of Ana Alvarez's Trucker jacket design for this year's Seen & Heard event, LS&Co.'s annual global women's summit.

The intricate design was skillfully brought to life and transformed into a wearable work of art by Bria Cheng, LS&Co.’s lead tailor at the San Francisco Levi’s® Market Street store, using a combination of paint, embroidery and 3D appliqué.

“I am so honored to have helped create the Seen & Heard Trucker this year,” said Bria. “I was so inspired by the colorful design Ana chose and was excited to explore her vision through these different mediums.”

As a testament to the impact of Ana and Bria’s creation, the Seen & Heard Trucker will be added to the LS&Co. Archives this month, curated by our historian Tracey Panek. The Trucker, representing a fusion of personal narrative and artistic expression, will serve as a lasting symbol of the company’s commitment to fostering a culture where every individual’s story is not only seen but celebrated.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of the LS&Co. Archives with this amazing work of art Bria made that combines my heritage, love and passion for who I am. It’s a dream come true, and something that I and my family can be proud of,” said Ana. “I look forward to one day showing this Trucker to my daughter so she can say, ‘Hey, that’s my mom’s job and heart!’”