Two LS&Co. employees sit at a table with a laptop in between them. The person on the right is wearing a pink Levi's® jacket and the person on the right is wearing a denim jacket.

Your Career, Your Development: How Employees Grow at LS&Co.

Levi Strauss & Co.
November 1, 2023

At Levi Strauss & Co., we know that every career journey is as original as our employees. That’s why we’ve curated development resources to help employees achieve their career goals, wherever they are on their journey.

Read on to see what career development at LS&Co. looks like, from Development Days to Lead@Strauss and everything in between.

New Employees, Individual Contributors and Managers

Whether this is your first job in the professional world or you’re managing teams, LS&Co.’s Development Days program has something for everyone. Designed with the employee in mind, every quarter all employees are invited to participate in a suite of live virtual sessions designed to expand learning, dive into interesting topics and help them focus on their career growth in a variety of areas.

Thousands of our employees around the world have attended at least one Development Day session and applied what they’ve learned since the program launched in 2021.

“I attended a design thinking framework session, and the skills I learned have already come in handy,” shared Mod Boon-long, global brand strategy manager based in San Francisco. “I was participating in an ideation session to improve our consumer-facing ecommerce experience, and thanks to the skills I learned during Development Days I was able to dive right into the sessions, be more engaged and feel more confident presenting my ideas.”

“It’s always extra special when you can learn new things,” said Dovile Ciuriloviciute, technical project manager on our Data and AI team in Europe. “I participated in an Excel Essentials session where I picked up a few new tricks, and during a Lean Six Sigma session I learned new project management strategies that will be beneficial when starting a new project.”

“I’ve attended sessions on the art and science of feedback and cultivating psychological safety, and they’ve helped me acquire new and improve existing skills, plus improve team engagement,” said Azam Mahmud, senior sourcing manager in Bangladesh. “I am now getting constructive feedback, which is helping me focus on self-improvement and improving relationships with my team. I’m creating opportunities for my team members to express their thoughts, ideas and concerns and am better able to define goals, roles and responsibilities on my team to better reduce ambiguity and confusion.”

Learning at LS&Co. isn’t limited to one day a quarter, however. We have tools and resources available 24/7 to help employees wherever they are in their development journey. All employees can start their development journey at any time with Chart Your Course 2.0, an on-demand course designed to help employees gain career clarity, map their future and plan for their development — and, most importantly, make that development stick. LinkedIn Learning is another great on-demand training option available to all employees that has garnered more than 23,000 views in Q3 alone.

We also offer our Cultivate programming for LS&Co. people managers, a suite of learning opportunities designed for both new and seasoned managers, created to ensure that all managers are prepared to lead their teams successfully at the company.

Leaders and Future Leaders

At LS&Co. we know the value of having a deep bench of exceptional leaders. That’s why we’ve created a robust array of resources design to develop LS&Co.’s leaders of the future. We recently launched the latest cohort of our Rise@Strauss Program, a 12-week leadership program of 75 people from around the globe to explore cross-functional collaboration and values-based leadership as well as engage in career exposure and networking.

We’ve also created Lead@Strauss, a groundbreaking 16-week development accelerator focused on advancing our leadership competencies. Lead@Strauss is not just a program; it’s a powerful catalyst for transformation that sets the stage for remarkable achievements. It combines experiential learning through solving a current business challenge with 1:1 executive coaching, site visits and collaborative group activities.

See what our inaugural Lead@Strauss cohort said about the program and their experiences:

At LS&Co. we’re committed to fostering an environment that empowers our employees to grow personally and professionally. Wherever you are on your career path, we’re here to support you. Visit our website to learn more.