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‘This Work Feeds My Soul’

Levi Strauss & Co.
October 23, 2023

We have 16 global employee resource groups (ERGs) at Levi Strauss & Co., all dynamic global communities that offer a wealth of opportunities for networking, personal development and meaningful engagement to our employees. They play a pivotal role in creating an inclusive work environment and serve as a springboard for employees to enhance their leadership skills while establishing their voices within our organization.

To truly understand the impact of our ERGs, we spoke with a few members to learn about their experiences. Read on to see what they shared.

A quote card with a headshot photo reads “This work feeds my soul. It’s the best way to meet people who share your passion and who want to learn more about each other and the world together. I’ve met people who have influenced my career and personal life beyond what I could have imagined.” - Elise Richieri Product Development Manager Co-chair of Rivet, LS&Co.’s U.S. Women’s ERG

A quote card with a headshot reads “I joined LS&Co. around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a lonely, challenging time to start anything new, and it was difficult to acclimate. I struggled to meet and connect with people. Things started to change when I joined Project Onyx. It spoke to my experience as a Black woman, and I was meeting more people at LS&Co. who shared my experience. This helped me connect to the company’s culture and made LS&Co. feel smaller and more tightknit. Planning events for the ERG built my confidence and network, and it energized me to stay involved. It changed my experience for the better — I no longer feel alone and disconnected.” - Ella Clausen Red Tab Foundation Communications Manager Manager of Comms & Programs for Project Onyx, LS&Co.’s U.S. Black ERG

A quote card with a head shot reads “We knew women were facing unique challenges at work and home during the pandemic, and that’s why LS&Co. created AMAzing Rivet to provide a platform for women to discuss their experiences only and honestly. I was deeply impressed by the swift support from leadership and the transformative power of genuine dialogue in addressing challenges. I personally have found joining an ERG to be a very valuable experience and encourage everyone to learn more about them.” - Pragati Sethia Head of Talent Management Co-chair of the AMAzing Rivet, LS&Co.’s Asia, Middle East and Africa Women’s ERG

Watch the video below to hear from more ERG members and learn about our 16 ERGs and their global impact on our website.