Meet the Future: LS&Co.’s 2023 F.I.T. Interns

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 25, 2023

As we approach National Intern Day on July 27, it’s time to turn our attention to the vibrant and dynamic individuals who have been shaping the future of our organization this summer — our remarkable interns! At LS&Co., we firmly believe in the power of our interns and the impact they have on our teams and our company as a whole. They are the driving force behind innovation, the bearers of fresh perspectives and the embodiment of our core values.

Lauren Knapp, LS&Co. 2023 global merchandising intern for women’s bottomsFor some interns, our LS&Co. values were the motivation behind their application. “LS&Co. has a long history of creating impeccable products and staying true to their values,” said Lauren Knapp, our global merchandising intern for women’s bottoms. “As I was looking for an internship, I wanted to work with an established company that had values and products I align with.”

Rochisshil Varma, LS&Co. 2023 F.I.T. intern for the global supply management teamFor others, it was innovation that drew our interns to the company. “LS&Co. is where classic heritage meets modern creativity, continuously redefining the landscape of fashion and sustainability,” said Rochisshil Varma, our F.I.T. intern for the global supply management team. “It’s a legacy that’s over 150 years old and I’m proud to be part of it.”

From the moment they stepped through our doors, our interns have been immersed in LS&Co.’s culture, embracing their daily responsibilities while embarking on exciting projects designed to address broad business challenges. These projects, crafted to showcase their ingenuity and creativity, will be presented to our executive leadership team during their closing week later this summer — a testament to the trust and confidence we place in their capabilities.

“I enjoyed working on my project to create a ‘Fit Guide’ for the merchandising team,” said Lauren. “My team was incredibly helpful with teaching me more about the products and how important they are for our brand and each cluster. The entire project helped me understand women’s bottoms on a greater scale and I was able to provide the merchandising team with a new tool to use in the future.”

Throughout the summer, our interns have both demonstrated their dedication to making a positive impact in our workplace and proven their commitment to growth. For many, it was an invaluable learning experience filled with surprises.

“It was a surprise to discover the multitude of steps involved in crafting a pair of jeans,” said Rochisshil. “From material sourcing to manufacturing, the behind-the-scenes process is incredibly detailed and methodical, truly a testament to the company’s commitment to quality.”

Today, we celebrate the contributions of all of our interns who have graciously embarked on their career journey with us.

To our interns, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your hard work, enthusiasm and unique perspectives have enriched our team beyond measure, and we cannot thank you enough for your invaluable contributions. We celebrate your passion, your dedication and your commitment to making a difference. Happy National Intern Day!