Supporting Employee Mental Health Year-Round

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 14, 2023

Here at Levi Strauss & Co., we are committed to supporting our employees’ mental health and well-being by offering health and wellness benefits that help them look after themselves, their loved ones and their futures.

During Mental Health Awareness month in May, we presented a range of special events and conversations with our ongoing benefits partners to further reduce stigma and foster open discussions around mental health. These included:

  • A special webinar with Thrive Global on prioritizing mental health.
  • Conversations and workshops with our employee assistance program vendor, Lyra Health, on mental health in the workplace, climate change anxiety, noticing and responding to signs of distress in others, and more.
  • Discussions with United Healthcare on self-care strategies and tools to help manage mental health challenges.
  • A webinar in partnership with One Medical on quality sleep and healthy thought patterns.

“Addressing our mental health can seem daunting; we are all familiar with feeling overwhelmed by our lives and the challenges that come with everyday stressors,” said Tracy Layney, LS&Co.’s chief human resources officer. “Our benefits and programs are crafted to support mental and physical health and help our people thrive in their personal and professional lives — and we’re constantly adapting our offerings to address our employees’ needs.”

Efforts to support employee mental health and well-being are not limited solely to one month — they are engrained in the day-to-day culture and benefits of LS&Co. Our ongoing well-being offerings include:

  • Providing accessible, always on resources: From the Lyra app and Rally Wellness Coaching to virtual therapy through Talkspace, these tools can help people prioritize mental and physical health and manage symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, should they arise.
  • Developing robust employee assistance programs: These programs provide immediate support from specialists to help with an array of medical, psychosocial, financial and legal issues.
  • Leading with empathy: We train our managers to lead from the heart and with understanding. There is no one-size-fits-all leadership style, but by making small changes in the way we communicate with our people, we can foster a culture rooted in authenticity and empathy.
  • Making behavioral health and substance abuse plans available: These plans help employees access the right care at the right time.
  • Prioritizing paid leave policies and bereavement leave programs: We want to ensure no one has to choose between their job and taking care of themselves or loved ones. Our recent global paid leave enhancement provides a stronger safety net for our employees, wherever they are located.
  • Offering employee resource groups (ERGs): These create safe spaces for employees to connect with each other on specific focus areas, including an ERG dedicated to mental health called Unwind.

At LS&Co., we are constantly striving to create a workplace that enables all employees to be healthy, fulfilled and successful at home and at work.