DE&I Champions: Meet Sara Inkson

Levi Strauss & Co.
May 22, 2023

How are our employees taking action to make LS&Co. a more diverse and inclusive workplace? Our sets out to answer exactly that. This month’s featured champion is Sara Inkson, store manager and pillar lead of Rivet (Women’s) Europe ERG, Newcastle, UK. Here, Sara talks about the power of diversity in the workplace and shares her top tip to leaders for creating a sense of inclusion and belonging in their teams.

Q: Share something not apparent by looking at you.

Although I put on an impressive facade of an outgoing extrovert while interacting with customers and my store team all day in retail, I am introverted by nature. When I return home from work, I often find myself drained of words, seeking rejuvenation through activities like watching a boxset or reading books with my son.

Q: Why is DE&I important to you as a leader?

DE&I is vital in fostering a sense of belonging within your team. Creating an environment where everyone can authentically express themselves is personally fulfilling and has a profound impact on team members who have felt marginalized in other aspects of their lives or previous workplaces.

Two recent experiences have reinforced the significance of LS&Co.’s efforts in DE&I. In my store, we have a team appreciation board in the staff room where stylists can anonymously praise each other. A recent note read, “Thank you all for making this place feel like home.”

Additionally, when discussing our company values of courage and standing up for beliefs during a stylist interview, a candidate shared their involvement with trans rights charities and attending rallies. We delved into LS&Co.’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community and our Unlabeled (LGBTQIA+) employee resource group (ERG), and the candidate expressed a desire to work somewhere they can truly be themselves — like at LS&Co.

These moments filled me with pride and brought tears to my eyes.

Q: What is your call to action for fellow LS&Co. employees and leaders?

Let’s prioritize the creation and nurturing of a psychologically safe workplace. Embrace honesty, vulnerability and trust-building.