In Good Company - Alanna Shipley

In Good Company: Dissecting the Consumer’s Mind

Levi Strauss & Co.
December 12, 2019

We are nothing without our people. Each day, they build upon the long legacy of originality that has defined our company since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented the blue jean in 1873. It’s our colleagues’ passion and expertise that make our company the modern icon it is. We’re “In Good Company.”

Alanna Shipley likes to say she’s in the “psychology of business.” As the director of Global Shopper Insights, her job involves dissecting the mind of the consumer, from why they purchase certain jeans to what happens to the pants after they leave the store.

“I actually laugh because my father still thinks that I just go into focus groups and look in a two-way mirror and watch people do stuff while I eat M&Ms and then just report it back,” she said. “That’s not something that we do. It may seem simple in that, if you have a question, you just ask the consumer and then they’ll tell you what to do with that. But it really isn’t that, and that’s where the psychology comes in. And I lean a lot on my psychology education background for that, particularly the fact that people will say one thing and do another thing.”

Below, see how she uses her relentless curiosity to bring the consumer’s voice to life within Levi Strauss & Co.