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Why We’re Going on a Global Strike

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 19, 2019

On Friday, young people around the world will march in Global Climate Strikes demanding swift and immediate action to address the climate crisis.

It’s predicted to be the largest day of climate action in global history – and our employees will be right there, marching alongside them.

Amplifying the youth voices who are standing up for change is nothing new to LS&Co., but this is a message that we are particularly proud to stand behind. The climate crisis is real, and the science is settled: If left unchecked, climate change will have devastating effects on the communities in which we operate, our business and the world at large. 

We have long been acutely conscious of the impacts that our business has on the planet, and are committed to doing our part to mitigate them through our Climate Action Strategy and our Water Action Strategy

But we know it will take more to put the planet back on the right path.

There are things we should all be doing – consume less, recycle and compost more, conserve resources, get out of our cars and opt for greener commute alternatives and consider the impacts of our dietary choices. But perhaps the most important thing we can do is the one thing that many of the young people who are leading the Global Climate Strikes can’t do (yet): vote for the policies and politicians that will make bring real, sustainable change.

So, join us in marching for our future, with our future, on Friday. As the young activists put it: “Our house is on fire. It’s time to act like it.”

You can join the movement too! Find a Global Climate Strike event near you, share why the climate crisis matters to you on social, or go on a “digital strike” to show your support.