Red Tab Foundation


Getting Back on Track With The Red Tab Foundation

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 19, 2019

When Charlotte took a position at our San Francisco Levi’s® flagship store, she found more than a job – she found a support system.

When her colleagues realized that Charlotte was struggling financially outside of work, they tipped her off to the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) which provides education and proactive programs to retirees and employees in need

As Charlotte shares, the foundation exists not just to help employees get back on their feet after a crisis, but also to help them take the next step in their journey to financial security through programs like Red Tab Savers, a free online savings tool for employees that rewards them for saving monthly.

Charlotte made it very clear that she wanted to give back by sharing her story. “It’s so important to talk about the Red Tab Foundation because you never know who’s listening, because it could be somebody just like me that needs assistance and support.”

See Charlotte’s story here.