LS&Co. is Stepping Up to Sustainability Challenges

Levi Strauss & Co.
November 12, 2018

In July, Levi Strauss & Co. announced a bold, new climate action strategy, which included ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions in our owned-and-operated facilities and across our global supply chain.

It is just one component of our ongoing profits-through-principles approach toward how we operate as a company on this shared home we call Earth. And those efforts are being lauded by the greater fashion industry, where we are emerging as sustainable leaders.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently put a spotlight on the industry’s environmental challenges and impact on our planet’s finite natural resources. The article recognizes LS&Co. for its leadership in addressing these challenges and making advancements in sustainable production.  “The idea around the circular economy is how do you continue to produce products without consuming additional resources,” Michael Kobori, vice president of Sustainability at LS&Co., told the Chronicle. “One element is making sure you have the ability to take used clothing from consumers and turn it or use it in different ways.”

Our approach to profits-through-principles has manifested in products like our Water<Less™ jeans, which has allowed us to reduce our water usage by more than 2 billion liters since 2011.

As the creator of the American blue jean, we are also building on our iconic status by promoting the resale of our vintage denim through our Levi’s® Authorized Vintage line. “You get twice the use and life out of a product you manufacture and you don’t have to consume any additional resources for your consumers,” Kobori told the Chronicle. “And today that is the most sustainable approach. Make something that is durable.”

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