Brands Taking Stands Are Gaining Traction

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 28, 2017

Today, Americans want more than just products from their favorite brands: They expect a point of view.

More companies are taking stands on the issues of the day, weighing in on the political, environmental and social debates that dominate the public discourse, according to Corporate Responsibility Magazine.

“With businesses emerging as a stabilizing force despite unpredictable global circumstances, leading companies are taking brave steps in speaking out on issues that matter to their stakeholders, including employees, consumers, and communities,” Daryl Brewster, CEO of the nonprofit CEO-led coalition CECP, told CR Magazine. “CEOs are playing statesman-like roles and taking positions on topics ranging from race relations to living wages and supporting environmental organizations.”

Recent examples of LS&Co.’s stances on current issues include:

  • Our CEO, Chip Bergh, joining other high-profile CEOs in a joint letter urging the U.S. administration to continue supporting the Paris climate agreement
  • Joining with tech companies in a federal court filing that made a business case for opposing the executive order banning refugees and visitors from seven majority Muslim countries
  • Standing with a group of companies that objected to an Indiana law that would have allowed business owners to refuse to serve LGBTQ customers

LS&Co. has a long history of taking strong stands against discrimination, and in support of policies that promote equality. Most recently, the company signed on to an amicus brief outlining the business case for nondiscrimination in employment based on sexual orientation. The brief marked the first time that businesses took an explicit legal position that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

A recent Cone Communications CSR study found that seven in 10 Americans believe that companies should take actions to improve issues that aren’t relevant to everyday business operations – and 87 percent said they would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they care about.

At LS&Co., it’s about more than selling products. Driven by the values of founder Levi Strauss, who gave generously to the causes he cared about, we’re proud to take a stand on issues of fairness and equality that impact everyone.

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