5 Tips To Declutter Your Closet

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 7, 2016

So your closet is a testament to how you #liveinlevis. And that drawer space is packed with outfits you’ve accumulated all year (and life?) long. But is it starting to feel a little crowded?
It’s hard to let go of the clothes you love, but why not use the excuse of a new season to reorganize?
Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant (yes, it’s a thing!) and New York Times best-selling author, has turned the concept of “spring cleaning” into a year-round practice. She simply begins with one question that can help solve all of your purging problems: “Does it spark joy?” Answer “Yes,” and the item in question can stay. Answer “No,” and… you get the idea.
Inspired by Marie’s tips, here are a few guiding questions of our own to help you complete a closet cleanout – answer a simple “keep or sweep?” conundrum and execute everything that comes after with ease.
1. So, does it spark joy? This question doesn’t only apply to the decluttering process—it’s also a worthy ask when you’re making new purchases and thinking about dropping cash on anything from a trendy new item to an investment piece. If that piece makes you look and feel great, you’ve found yourself a keeper. If not, return it to the rack or toss it in the giveaway pile.
2. Will it spark joy for someone else? Why not embrace the circular economy and give those items a second chance? Bring your old clothes and shoes to any Levi’s store in the U.S. We’ll collect them and reuse, repurpose or recycle them with our partner I:CO. Or donate to Goodwill via the Give Back Box® tool, where your used clothes will be resold in stores and online, and the proceeds will go toward helping others.
3. Does it have nine lives? Una Murphy, senior designer of the Levi’s® brand, recently wrote about sustainability and durability in the fashion industry, mentioning that, “being able to give multiple lives to a product is one of the ways to make it the most sustainable.” Maybe that item you’re holding doesn’t spark joy for you as is, but perhaps by completely repurposing it or adding a few DIY embellishments it could reignite that spark.
4. Can it stand the test of time? Here at LS&Co., we’re all about designing for durability and quality—we’ve even got a pair of khakis in our archives from the 1920s. Be honest with yourself—if the quality of the items in your home isn’t up to snuff, it might be time to kick them to the curb and reinvest in those that will have longevity.
5. Is it true love? It’s easy to get sentimental and nostalgic when asking that golden question about sparking joy. Take some time to think about whether or not the love is true blue. Breaking up with your stuff is hard to do, but believe Marie—you’ll feel better when that closet is clean.